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Vampirism (A. Dugin)

It should be noted that, in reality, most paradigmatic scenes "horror novels" written in XIX and early XX centuries, were directly or indirectly drawn from the annals of "secret organization", and the authors themselves, in most cases, were members of certain occult centers and consequently, they are not just individual indulged grim fantasy or shifted with a modern twist disturbing old legend, but describes something more serious and real, based on some experience, although many elements of this experience must be understood symbolically. And only after the "horror stories" have become part of popular culture, there were purely opportunistic authors, relating to these issues with the deepest skepticism and indifference, and just use a vulgar fashion to make money, although even in this case, the choice of theme shows about certain "infernal" inclinations, perhaps purely psychological and unconscious level.

Whatever it was, writers such as Arthur Metchin, Gustav Meyrink, Bullver Lytton, Howard Phillip Lovecraft, John Buchan himself Bram Stoker, author of "Dracula", were members of the secret initiatory (or contrainitiatory) organizations, and almost all of them belonged to the to "English Rosicrucian Order" except Meyrink, which was dedicated to the circuit "Miriam" Giuliano Kremmerz. Thus, the texts of these authors directly or indirectly, either theoretically or practically based on quite serious occult esoteric sources and the corresponding experiments. The same can be said about the French author of "horror stories" - in particular, Huysmans - who were closely associated with the occult societies "magicians" like Sarah Sang Adana. [...]

The essence of the concept is as follows. From the perspective of the full metaphysical and initiatory tradition, the concept of "life" in no way is the highest category. Life is one of the features of the manifestation of psycho-physical existence. As a positive category it opposes fixed, "mineral", purely material inanimate and death. But life, in turn, becomes a limiting and negative categories when it is associated with higher Logos and ontological categories, not only in the eternal manifestations, but also beyond its borders, in the unmanifested. This eternal level which esoteric Christian tradition calls "Darkness Light" or apophatic Divinity. The same can be found in all other traditions and religions. Therefore, life is theologically positive when it comes to the preliminary step to the true Eternity of the beyond the inanimate, "mineral" level. This - "life of the soul", "eternal life", courted by overcoming the material, due to initiatory transformation. But when it comes to the continuation of normal psycho-physical existence, to not end whatever it lasted, it is considered a theological evil, and even, in a sense, sin. The desire to live a long time, keep the same to the uncertain existence of limits - a trend opposite purely initiatory tendency to return to the "Earthly Paradise", which is necessary and obligatory phase of all initiatory process, called the "Lesser Mysteries". Therefore, in a sense, the "life of the soul" is opposed to "the life of the body," but also the "life of the soul" is opposed to "Eternal Spirit" invariably and unmanifested God. Ultimately, the pursuit of life for its own sake in the religious term is something deeply perverse and negative, which means "devil" and "Satan." In the Christian tradition, especially the curse of the lower life is contained in the famous legend of the "Wandering Jew," Ahasuerus, who was cursed by Christ on his way to Golgotha, and as punishment was doomed to physical immortality until the end of time. "Wandering Jew" personifies the principle of vampirism in its most general, theological version.
Vampires are always associated with blood. It also has an esoteric explanation. Tradition holds that between the soul and the human body there is a special thin-semimaterial polupsihicheskaya relationship. The soul itself is correlated with an invisible fire, a fiery principle. In the body of the correspondence principle nervous and circulatory systems. The first is the "pole" of the Light, and the second - "pole" Heat. In the synthetic fire principle, the soul, the light - it logosnoe, divine, intelligent beginning, the element of heaven and eternal, unshakable, and heat - it is lower, the beginning of a dynamic element intermediate between heaven and earth, is not associated with Eternity, but with the duration . According to the theological views of the Light created the angels, but from the heat - Demons and Devils. Thus, the blood in the human body corresponds exactly to the idea of an indefinite long duration, it is - "magic" substance associated with the lower, "demonic" aspects of life. This is the basis and the traditional ban on the use of food with the blood, or even blood and meat that was characteristic of most higher, priestly caste sacred societies. Naturally, kontrinitsiaticheskie forces opposing the supreme initiatory and metaphysical principles, must necessarily be in some way connected with the principle of blood and the circulatory system. On a historical level, this is manifested in the compulsory attribution of any "secret organization" suspicious nature of bloody victims and general use of blood for magical purposes, even where it does not have any factual basis.
Contraintiation should be linked to the blood by definition, so, in reality, this relationship can be confirmed. Vampires understood in this sense, are not petty magical excesses, but some "weighty trend" in civilization, its "engine", the source of its evolution, its movement towards "earthly hell." Their passion for blood, as well as their "longevity", are expressions of the fullness of the lower "demonic" of life, consciously broke with the prospect of redemptive "light of transformation." In the esoteric Hermetic literature orientation often referred to "the drink of immortality" or "liquor longevity." In the normal case, this "immortality" and "longevity" refers symbolically, as the prospect of passing the first stage of initiation and "reintegration" in "Adamic", "Paradise condition." It is also often referred to and the "bodily transformation" sacred biblical prototypes which are the Enoch and Elijah taken to heaven by God in body. And in keeping with this most complex symbolic initiatory organizations of the West believed Elijah and Enoch, and mainly characters of the Great Work. It should be noted that Elijah and Enoch in the tradition associated with the green light. (In the Islamic esotericism with Enoch, Sednaya Idris, identified himself Hizr - "Green" - Initiator of Moses and the teacher "Lonely"). But the same idea of the "drink of immortality" as a result of a shift in focus can lead to contraintiatory line oriented in a life of Light and Paradise, but Zhara Life and Hell. Then the corresponding esoteric doctrines change their meaning in the exact opposite, and "liquor longevity" instead of the energy of the Holy Spirit becomes the blood. And it is very characteristic that Ahasuerus, the Wandering Jew, the prototype of contrainitiation also contacted the green, which highlights the existing overlap between these concepts. Guenon so strongly criticized the writer Gustav Meyrink, accusing him of involvement in contrainitiation for what Meyrink, in his novel "Green face" mixed initiatory image of Elijah with contrainitiatory way Ahasuerus, based in particular on the similarity of their color symbolism. [...] 

 All these considerations on vampirism and perverse alchemy are probably the most directly related to "the English Rosicrucian Society," and to his "daughter" of the organization «Golden Dawn» and later "satanic" "Order of Oriental Templars" by Aleister Crowley. Not coincidentally, almost all of the most compelling writers "horror stories" belonged to this circle. Themselves the doctrine of "the English Rosicrucian" is very suspect from an esoteric point of view, since they constantly emphasize only the lowest aspects of the initiatory rites and doctrines, seemingly wearing sealant-Rosicrucian character. They secrete a purely mental, vital level of human beings, even though they are not necessarily attracted to people with disabilities and poor vitality, but cases limit the development of these potentials - up to the paranormal, and the "magic" of exceptions. English Rosicrucians in his secret correspondence often refer to the "unknown superiors", Superior Inconnu, special superhuman beings, in contact with the people that cause unbearable stress and wild terror. Characteristically, and another name for these "unknown superiors" - "Minds External", which definitely recalls the Gospel phrase "Twilight external", ie. E. "Hell." It is characteristic that he himself "Emperor" award "Golden Dawn» (Golden Dawn), Samuel Liddell Mathers getting esoteric instructions from a mysterious ladies, Countess Anna Sprengel, the daughter of the Bavarian King Ludwig I. Here again we see the combination of a hermetic suspiciously perverted dynastic royal blood. In addition, in these circles constantly emerging theme of "the mysterious old man" having "a drink of immortality." That he was considered the head of the Society of English occult Rosicrucian, which maintained secret contacts only the top leaders of the Company. Some conspiracy theorists suspect that this could be in this case, one of the "survivors" of kings vampire. [...] 

Curiously also lead the following observations. It is known that most of today's international "humanitarian" society had its own background associated with one or other secret organizations, or initiatory contrainitiatory wing. In certain cases, these "parent" organizations were Masonic lodges - as, in particular, in the case of "Movement for Human Rights" (originally "human rights" was the name of an irregular Masonic lodge) ... "Movement for Peace", UNESCO (the organization originally is considered exteriorization "Rosicrucian Society," which aims the creation of a single global control center of civilization and is considered its ideological guide "Rosicrucian" Comenius, student Valentina Andrea, and so on.. Sometimes Intermediate Court appeared neospiritualist organization of the "Theosophical Society" (an organization linked to the pacifist and the environmental movement). But in any case, the elements of doctrine, symbolism and rituals corresponding secret organizations necessarily directly affect these "humanitarian" movement. In this context, pointed to the alleged conspiracy, sometimes really is there connection between "humanitarian" currents that promote the "evolution", "progress", and especially the 'survival' (the term, «survival» in English, it is clearly borrowed from the language occultists and spiritualists, denoting them "life after death" or artificial prolongation of life in the corpse), on the one hand, the occult organizations are directly related to contrainitiation.

The idea of "evolution" directly contrary to tradition and the authentic initiation already has something "satanic", but this theoretical incompetence would not be dangerous if not for the evolutionist tendencies were really contrainitiatory operational forces able to impose on the people a false idea of using It is not only an instrument of foreign propaganda, but also special occult means. In other words, for "humanitarian" movement of "evolution" and "survival" can be representatives of the "Order of the Vampire." This is confirmed by the existence of more or less secret research centers on physical immortality, which existed and, apparently, continue to exist in some countries, especially in the United States and Russia. [...] 

“Miriam” is the title of another structurally similar initiatic order of the Italian Giuliano Kremmerz, which some authors have criticized the use of dangerous magical practices, standing close to the vampirism. According to one esoteric, writing under the pseudonym “Alexander de Dannan”, the former was once a member of the “Chain Miriam”, but later transformed into exoteric Catholicism, among the followers of Kremmerz circulates information that after death his body was stolen by some “brothers” and “returned to life”.

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